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At Klick Communications, we harness the unexpected to boost your brand’s influence. It’s as simple and complex as that.

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A curious and creative bunch of communications people that reckon transformation is the key to success.

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On your behalf, we create and explode magical connections with your audience by developing, evolving and amplifying ideas.

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Because we’re inspired by the challenges of change. A lot. It makes life exciting but it also creates opportunities.

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We help our partners achieve brand fame and solve their problems.

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  • KLICK_Facebook_Awards2

    It’s Award Season at Klick!

    As an agency, we’ve always believed that good results and happy partners are all the reward we need… But this year, we’ve had to acknowledge that winning a few gongs also feels pretty great. Indeed it’s been a very busy and rewarding few months, with several award nominations and wins under our belt. To kick […]
  • 1888-hotel-instagram

    The new mobile consumer: how to connect, influence and convert

    It was recently announced that Facebook now has 399 million users who login only from mobile devices. Considering that Facebook only added 62 million mobile users during the last quarter, it’s a clear sign that mobile technology is rapidly changing the way that we connect with one another. Mobile technology has become an extension of […]
  • tortoise in G

    The parallel universe that is the Galápagos

    When I told people I was travelling to the Galápagos Islands I got a lot of different responses. At one end of the scale there was a lot of intrigue and excitement about such a far-away land, and at the complete other end I got a lot of ‘where IS that?’ In short to that […]

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